Tasting Memories from Brisket to Borekas

Tasting Memories from Brisket to Borekas
Sunday, October 29th at 10am

Can you close your eyes and still smell your mother’s chicken soup or the Shabbat challah baking? Were kreplach and knishes some of your favorite foods growing up? Or maybe it was borekas and bumuelos? What were special holiday foods in your home? What are your earliest memories of Jewish food? What Jewish foods from your childhood and family did you make for your family?

Join chef, teacher and writer Susan Barocas for a journey through our memories of Jewish food and the role it played in our lives growing up and still today.  We’ll enjoy a talk about some of the history of Jewish food in the US and then a lively discussion sharing our tastiest memories.

Food Writer:  Susan Barocas
Susan was the founding director of the Federation’s innovative project, the Jewish Food Experience, and served as guest chef at the 2014, 2015 and 2016 White House Seders hosted by the Obamas.  Her stories and recipes have appeared in the Washington Post, Lilith, Moment, Washington Jewish Week and Tablet among other places.   RSVP to [email protected]

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