Purim - Megillah Reading

Shpielers on the Roof

Saturday, March 11th at 7:00 pm

We will begin with Maariv promptly at 7pm

There is no better time to share the spirit of Kol Shalom  than inviting friends to our Purim celebration:  megillah reading, children's parade, Purim shpiel and dessert

reception Sponsored by Women’s Network.


Boxes of mac & cheese will be doing double duty this Purim.  As groggers, they will make noise during the reading of the Megillah to drown out the name of the dreaded Haman.  After Purim, we will collect them to donate to Manna, in the tradition of matanot l'eynonim (Purim gifts to those in need). 

Women's Network will be selling the boxes at the Purim for $2 each.

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