Tikkun Olam/Social Action


Celebrate by helping the less fortunate.  Volunteer at MANNA!
Wednesday, April 18th
At 7:00 PM (For one hour)
Manna Food Bank  9311 Gaither Road, Gaithersburg
All ages welcome. Bring friends and family.
We especially invite new members to join us for a great way to meet congregants.  Teens can get community service hours at Manna.
For more information contact Gary Metz ([email protected]) or Yonat Lurie ([email protected]), our Manna coordinators.
Next Date:  May 16th

Kol Shalom and The Critical Issues Forum (CIF)

The Critical Issues Forum (CIF) is comprised of Kol Shalom, Beth Ami and Adat Shalom.  For the past several years, it has advocated for effective solutions to food insecurity in Maryland and Montgomery County, focusing particularly on school meal programs.
Candidates’ forum at Temple Beth Ami on June 3 from 9:30 - 1:00
All Kol Shalom members are encouraged to attend.
What has CIF been up to recently?
Interested in joining the efforts to advocate for solutions to food insecurity?

Any Kol Shalom members who would like more information about the Critical Issues Forum or want to work on its projects should contact Steven Mandel, Co-Chair of CIF at [email protected].