Tikkun Olam/Social Action


Celebrate by helping the less fortunate.  Volunteer at MANNA!

Wednesday, June 21st
At 7:00 PM (For one hour)
Manna Food Bank  9311 Gaither Road, Gaithersburg
All ages welcome. Bring friends and family.
We especially invite new members to join us for a great way to meet congregants.  Teens can get community service hours at Manna.
For more information contact Arnold Feldman at 301-704-7241 or  Arnold: arniefeld@aol.com or Laura: FeldmanL@NCPSSM.ORG


Women’s Center Provides New Opportunities

The Interfaith Works Women's Center. provides temporary housing, medical, dental, behavioral and vocational services in one building at 2 Taft Court, just off East Gude Drive, in Rockville.

Monthly Meals Continue  ~ Next Date:  July 3rd

Sandra Schwartz, with members from Kol Shalom and friends, will continue to provide dinner for the residents on the first Monday of each month, as they have for the past twelve years. If you would like to join them in providing and/or serving part of a specific month's dinner, contact Sandra at ssketzel@gmail.com

Meals As Needed/On Call—We Need you Too

In addition, apart from the monthly dinner, Steve Mandel is the contact for providing food, at the same location, on an as needed/on call basis. Please contact Steve at sjmandel22@gmail.com to be added to the on call/as needed list.