Leading and Learning Our Services

Leading Services

Kol Shalom prides itself on the depth of participation by our members who lead our religious services. Many come to Kol Shalom with these skills and many have acquired them through the mentoring of other congregants, through regular attendance at services and through the assistance of the rabbi.  

We are pleased to make our melodies and nusach available to all on this website.  You are welcome to listen now to the following service parts with more to come.  The liturgy is based on the text of Siddur Sim Shalom and the appropriate page numbers in that siddur are referenced.  While we do not have a standardized nusach, we offer this educational opportunity to help our members familiarize themselves with the most popular tunes and melodies of our services. We encourage any and all to become further acquainted with our davening and ultimately to become shlichei tzibbur. If interested in further study or practice please don’t hesitate to contact Rabbi Gil Steinlauf.

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