A Community of Learners

  Project Zug @ Kol Shalom

Schedule for Project [email protected] Shalom
Sundays at 10am
                                   June: 2nd (last class)

If you haven't gotten your welcome email from Hadar - please email RuthIf you need to fill out the registration form for Project Zug, please find it here.   Please bring the completed form on Sunday.  Know someone who wants to join in?   They are more than welcome! Just email Ruth to rsvp.   

Lifelong [email protected] Shalom is:

♦ A new and re-imagined framework for learning and taking action
♦ An intellectual and social connection to the Kol Shalom community
♦ A variety of lectures, classes, events, social action activities, and hands on workshops
♦ Creating programs that encourage inclusion of our Talmud Torah parents and students
♦ Offering relevant and stimulating programs for our young families and youth
♦ A welcome setting for intergenerational exploration of topics
♦ An ongoing learning community of peers
We invite you to experience Judaism at your personal level of comfort and interest
from the wonderful broad range of programs and activities Lifelong Learning offers.