Donation Opportunities

Donations to Kol Shalom help support, connect and enhance our community. Thank you for your contribution.

ONLINE DONATIONS:  Please follow these steps to ensure that your online donation is accurately recorded: 

1. Indicate Fund to receive donation (Donations not noted, will default to the General Fund)
2. Indicate reason for donation (In memory of, In honor of, In appreciation of)
3. If donation is for a non-member, please provide address information for notification
4. Minimum $18 donation
Online payments are available for donations only. Not available for events, dues, Capital Campaign pledges or High Holidays at this time.


MAKE ONLINE DONATION: Complete the online Donation Form here.

MAKE DONATION BY CHECK:  Download the printed Donation Form here and mail it with your check to Kol Shalom (address on form).

ABOUT OUR FUNDS: Kol Shalom has a variety of funds that are dedicated and restricted to specific activities that enhance our congregational life. Your contribution to Kol Shalom can be made to the General Fund to help defray the cost of operations or can be designated to any of the other funds listed below.

Lifelong Learning Fund--Contributions to this fund are restricted to adult education, social action and youth education programs and activities for the congregation

General Fund: Contributions to this fund shall support the general operation of the synagogue. They may be used for budgeted items or for special projects as determined by the Board of Directors and/or Executive Committee.

Kiddush Fund: Contributions to this fund shall be used to underwrite food and floral expenses in connection with regular Shabbat services and holiday observances.

Prayerbook Fund: Contributions to this fund are restricted to the purchase of religious items for the synagogue. These would include but not be limited to Siddurim, Chumashim, Machzorim, tallitot, lulavim and etrogim.

Rabbi’s Professional Development Fund: Contributions to the Rabbi's Professional Development Fund may be used at the rabbi's sole discretion for any professional or qualified business expenses and any other expenses that further his rabbinic activities or for any congregational use as he directs.

SPECIAL DONATION ACCOUNT:  This is our new account to allow donations of $180 or more to cover multiple donations you wish to make in the future.  Questions?  Contact Maria or Deb

Tikkun Olam (Rabbi’s Charitable) Fund: Contributions to the Tikkun Olam (Rabbi's Charitable) Fund shall be used at the sole discretion of the rabbi for charitable purposes. Such purposes include, but are not limited to: gifts made to qualified charities reflecting the wishes of the donor or the priorities of the congregation as determined solely by the rabbi; assisting individual, educational, and communal needs that may be necessary to be met in a confidential manner; or, those charitable needs that would bring a benefit unable to be met by other means; or for purposes which may benefit the congregation.

Youth Activities Fund: Contributions to this fund are restricted to advance the interests of the youth of Kol Shalom.

KSTT Scholarship Fund:  Contributions to this fund are accepted  only from July 1-August 31 and used to assist member families enrolling their children in our Talmud Torah.

High Holiday Tickets - purchase High Holiday tickets for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.

Other:  Funds to be applied for dues or tuition.