Women's Network

Welcome to the Kol Shalom Women's Network!  The members of Kol Shalom Women's Network welcome newcomers, care for women in need, learn together, protest religious oppression, raise money for the educational pursuits of Kol Shalom, actively engage in Tikkun Olam,  and bond with each other.  For further information, please email [email protected]

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Torah Fund

Torah Fund Campaign for 5778 (2017-2018) - Mah Tovu (How Good)

Torah Fund is the dedicated philanthropy of Women’s League for Conservative/Masorti Judaism and supports the five rabbinical seminaries located around the world. Torah Fund aids in the development of future rabbis, cantors, educators, and scholars who will serve as the gifted leaders and innovators of the Conservative Movement. We at Kol Shalom have benefited by having scholars in residence from JTS.  This year’s pin represents the 100th year of Women’s League.  Donations of any amount are very much appreciated. For a donation of $180 or more, you will receive a pin/pendant.  Please address all checks to Torah Fund and send your donations to: Sara Wagschal - 7700 Persimmon Tree Lane, Bethesda, MD 20817.  For more information please email Sara Wagschal at [email protected]

   Bikkur Holim Committee

"To minister to the sick is to minister to God"    Abraham Joshua Heschel  

Women's Network has formed a committee to help those in our Kol Shalom community in need of assistance.  All men and women in the congregation are welcome to participate.  We now provide visits, phone calls, rides and meals to those who are ill and recovering.  Please do not hesitate to call us, we are here for you!  For more information, to sign up, or to inform us of those needing our help call or e-mail:  Millie Rumerman 301-762-1432 or Paula Horowitz 301-365-7930

 Women’s Network Board 2016-2017

  • President, Shelly Schwartz
  • Vice Presidents Programming, Lorene Sarne
  • Vice President, Torah Fund, Sara Wagschal
  • Recording Secretary, Elaine Gaskill
  • Treasurer, Linda Artz
  • Membership, Barb Gendel
  • Bikkur Cholim, Millie Rumerman and Paula Horowitz
  • Member at Large, Marilyn Wind
  • Member at Large, Julia Loeb