About Kol Shalom

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Our Members
We are a 14 year old congregation with more than 270 individual and household memberships drawn from Montgomery County and beyond because of the unique character and culture of our congregation.

We are young; we are old. We may be rediscovering our heritage or may have lived according to Jewish values for many years. We are single; we are married. We may be learning to read Hebrew or brushing up on old skills; we may be developing the skills to read Torah or lead our services, or we may have already acquired this proficiency. No matter our background and individual lifestyles, we are a community of people who come together on Shabbatot and Chagim in joyful celebration and song and who come together in time of need offering support and friendship.

As an egalitarian congregation, we welcome members with diverse needs and interests and benefit from the expertise and talent of both  the women and men of Kol Shalom. Although one must be Jewish to be a member of a Conservative congregation, we warmly welcome interfaith families, non-Jewish partners and individuals interested in Judaism. 

Our Congregation 
We are an egalitarian community of Jews committed to the continuity of the Jewish people and Jewish traditional observance as a guide to full participation in American society and the modern world. We strive for spiritual growth through prayer, Torah study, and observance of Mitzvot.

We take personal responsibility for Tikkun Olam (repair and improvement of our world) through our individual paths of halakha (traditional ethical and ritual guide for thought and action), family life, and social action to help others. We value our community and look for ways to reach out to other members of the community to share joy and sorrow, mark lifecycle events, and help in times of need.

We recognize the centrality of the State of Israel as the homeland for the Jewish people. We support Israel to ensure its continued survival, prosperity, and moral character. We advocate for the affirmation of all streams of recognized Jewish thought and observance within Israeli society and seek to support and assist the Masorti movement. 

We affirm the Torah as the source of law and teaching for the Jewish people and commit to study of Torah as a guide for thought and action. We value the mitzvot (commandments) and strive to act in accordance with mitzvot in our daily lives. We commit to the continuing study and interpretation of Torah, as has been studied throughout Jewish history, as essential for adapting Jewish observance to historical and social circumstance.  In this way we affirm our identity as a Conservative congregation. We embrace Jews regardless of their level of observance of mitzvot or knowledge of Torah. 

We affirm the place of prayer and spiritual connection with God in our lives as individuals and as a congregation. We strive to make avodah (worship) meaningful through traditional texts, song and melody, private thought, and connection with the world's beauty. 

Gemilut Hasadim : Acts of Loving kindness
We strive to demonstrate our commitment to Torah and prayer through actions to help the poor, the sick, and the unfortunate. We perform g'milut hasadim (acts of kindness) through social and political action, direct service to those in need, and financial support.

Basic Jewish Library as Compiled by Rabbi Jonathan Z. Maltzman 

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